The name is Blanc, Montblanc

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

If James Bond was reincarnated as a pen it would be a fountain pen by Montblanc.

Nothing compares to perusing a stationary shop selling fine writing instruments and paper. Just the thought of this gives me a sheer pengasm, and who wouldn’t want a pengasm right? Exactly! Which is why I want to share my personal James Bond between my fingers.

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

Meet Blanc, Montblanc, the James Bond of pens. Smooth, good-looking, luxurious and commands the attention of the writer to put this pen to paper.

Mont Blanc

Montblanc offers a variety of finishes to suit a variety of budgets. The fountain pen featured in this post is a 9 carat rose gold and black precious resin one and it’s mine! Hooray! It is a little heavier than your average pen, but that is expected from such a luxurious item. Coming from an age where writing isn’t conducted as often as it used to (as I am forever tapping away at my keyboard to communicate with those in my life) I find writing with this pen to be limited only to when I want to write a special message, I couldn’t use it continually (or perhaps I am just to afraid to ruin my James Bond) as my fingers start to hurt when writing (do you find that too?) however, having said all that, it is easy and pleasing to write my little special messages knowing that I write with such a fine writing instrument. I have had this pen now for less than six months, and to date have not had to service it, though I believe I would be in good hands with the Montblanc service when the day arrives when I will need my James Bond serviced. I’ll keep you posted of that day.

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

I do recall a time when I conducted a business meeting and found myself eyeing off a CEO’s Montblanc pen. Well I can now say I am such a person – I now own my very own Montblanc pen and perhaps may one day find someone else eyeing off my fountain pen.




Range Rover Evoque


Luxury, style, technology, comfort and elegance are just a few words that can be used to describe this coupe-crossover by Land Rover.

Everything about this car is pleasing to the eyes, from the exterior design, the leather stitching, down to the Evoque logo projected on the ground from the side mirrors… this car has the lot.

There are a number of variations you can choose from, but this review will be specifically about the Evoque DYNAMIC model.

Once you step into the drivers seat you never want to leave. The drive is comfortable, the gear changes are noticeably smooth and when you put your foot down it sure as hell goes. For fuel efficiency, I can only comment about the 2.2 litre, 4cyl Turbo-Diesel. The Evoque gets a drink every 2 weeks which is a massive improvement from the Kia Sportage (my girlfriend upgraded recently).


On the technology side, the designers at Land Rover did not hold back. I could go through the whole list but you will end up with RSI on your scrolling finger, so here are a few of my favourites:

o Push Button Start
o 8 inch High Resolution Touch-screen entertainment system
o Bluetooth connectivity
o Interior mood lighting
o Reverse Camera
o Folding Mirrors
o Electric front seats with memory
o Active blind spot sensors
o Park Assist

If I had to mention something negative in this review it would have to be the creaky doors. I will have to get it checked out by Range Rover soon, but for now I highly recommend that you visit your nearest Range Rover dealership to book a test drive.


Keyport Slide All-In-One Keychain Alternative

Do you have a clunky set of keys that feel bulky in your pocket? If so then the Keyport Slide is the solution for you. This nifty gadget can consolidate all of your keys into one small compact solution. Not only can it store your domestic/car keys, you can also choose from a variety of handy inserts called “blades” such as a Flash Drive, LED Light, Barcode Insert and even a Bottle Opener!


When it comes to design and practicality this gets a tick for form and function. It’s cool, it’s compact, it’s definitely unique and it’s no larger than a box of Tic-Tacs, so if your keychain is due for an upgrade, or thinking of ‘what cool thing can I get next?’ Head over to and check out the different colours and inserts they have to offer.


Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air

Last year I treated myself to a brand new iPad Air 32Gb. After owning the iPad 1 for about 3 years… what an improvement! If you’re an owner of the new iPad Air and thinking about buying a cover with a keyboard, then look no further than the Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio. I waited 3 months for this cover because I live in Australia, and I can tell you it was worth the wait! Since popping the cover on, I can’t imagine ever using the iPad without it.

The tactile keyboard has very well spaced keys, it connects via bluetooth and to top it off, the surface is waterproof so say goodbye to sticky keys! The keyboard switches on automatically when you set the angle in typing mode, and on a single charge you can get 3 months of keyboard use (based on 2hrs of usage per day).

Let us take a look at the outside. This keyboard cover is available in 3 colour schemes (out/in); Red/White, Black/White, Black/Yellow. I went with Red/White option since my iPad is white and I wanted something bright to make it easier to find 🙂

One of the main features that I look for in a tablet cover is “will it be protected when dropped?” Although this cover does feel durable, the thing I like the most, is the border surrounding my iPad. Unlike some other keyboard covers, this one has a border abound the 3 exposed edges of the iPad which acts as a buffer if ever falls to the ground.

Overall I am very happy with this add-on and I hope you include this in your research if you’re in the market for an iPad Air cover.