Keyport Slide All-In-One Keychain Alternative

Do you have a clunky set of keys that feel bulky in your pocket? If so then the Keyport Slide is the solution for you. This nifty gadget can consolidate all of your keys into one small compact solution. Not only can it store your domestic/car keys, you can also choose from a variety of handy inserts called “blades” such as a Flash Drive, LED Light, Barcode Insert and even a Bottle Opener!


When it comes to design and practicality this gets a tick for form and function. It’s cool, it’s compact, it’s definitely unique and it’s no larger than a box of Tic-Tacs, so if your keychain is due for an upgrade, or thinking of ‘what cool thing can I get next?’ Head over to and check out the different colours and inserts they have to offer.



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